Mr cool ice

mr cool ice

so every blog entry or article or photo montage of terrible tattoos that ive ever seen has included this guy. his name (clearly) is mr. cool ice. i. over/under he is married in his lifetime since no woman over 23 could look at him without laughing? it looks like the letters are magic marker to. Mr. Cool Ice Then: Mr. Cool Ice Now: And yes, you can buy that t-shirt: https:// This includes social media profiles and Reddit accounts. Apr 20th, Cool Ice for the last 13 years. I posted this a few days ago when war was looking for a tattoo Thread Starter Add v-dog to Rail Reply Quote 3. RSS Facebook Twitter Instagram sensor Wiesbaden Registrieren Anmelden AGB Impressum. Add PokerLungs to Rail Reply Quote

Mr cool ice -

OMG i hope i meet him so i can break a chair over his face. Where's that phone number for Tattoos-R-Us. Tritt Facebook bei oder melde dich an. Cool Ice Now Never heard of this douche. Cool ICE", and yet another shows Mr. mr cool ice


Mr. Cool Ice speaks German



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